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Traditional Research (TRO)

1st Author Title Year Output Type ID Status Submitted By Last Modified
Ditton, Mary Achieving health equity for vulnerable populations in Asia: a study of Burma-Thai border migrants 2011 conference publication une-20120210-140140 Incomplete mditton3 Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Martin, Paul Implementing Environmental Law 2015 book une-20160318-120912 Incomplete mlangenb Mon May 30 14:45:15 2016
Ditton, Mary ANZAM Conference 2011 conference publication une-20120809-12139 Incomplete mditton3 Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Martin, Paul Productive, biodiverse farming landscapes: where to next? 2014 report une-20160317-115258 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:54:30 2016
le Gal, Elodie Exploring New Research Directions for Achieving a Sustainable Future: What Can be Learned from the Biofuel Weed Risk Case Study? 2016 journal article une-20160729-151934 Incomplete mlangenb Fri Jul 29 15:26:05 2016
Bartel, Robyn Reimagining Water Policy for Twenty-First Century Australia 2016 book une-20160317-103023 Incomplete mlangenb Mon May 30 14:19:50 2016
Kennedy, Amanda Environmental Justice and Land Use Conflict: The Governance of Mineral and Gas Resource Development 2016 book une-20160318-115936 Incomplete mlangenb Fri Mar 18 12:01:38 2016
Holmes, Nola First Year Advisors: a partnership approach 2011 conference publication une-20150716-123810 Incomplete jgodwin3 Wed Apr 27 15:57:36 2016
Waters, Sophia "It's rude to VP": The cultural semantics of rudeness. 2012 journal article une-20130508-10345 Incomplete swaters2 Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Jabri, Muayyad Clinging to hope through sensemaking and sentiments: A process view of Queensland flood disaster 2011 conference publication une-20130619-153042 Incomplete mjabri Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Bailey, Jeff Positively influencing. 2012 journal article une-20140205-140017 Incomplete jbaile28 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Wen, Wei Contractual Damages and Post-Sidhu Proprietary Estoppel: A Further Blow to the Statute of Frauds? 2015 journal article une-20151215-174735 Incomplete wwen3 Tue Dec 15 18:07:57 2015
Jenkins, Kathryn Casual Teaching : A significant Gap in Professional Learning. 2015 conference publication une-20150705-183942 Incomplete kjenkins Tue Nov 17 11:09:02 2015
Conway, Jane Nurse-led ED support for Residential Aged Care Facility staff: An evaluation study. 2014 journal article une-20150226-184838 Incomplete jconway4 Fri Feb 26 19:06:59 2016
Rock, Adam John Parapsychology 2013 book chapter une-20150327-092115 Incomplete arock Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Livings, Ben Cases and Context 2016 book chapter une-20151215-143343 Incomplete mlangenb Tue Dec 15 14:35:34 2015
Livings, Ben Private Austhorisation and Public Censure 2016 book chapter une-20151215-14366 Incomplete mlangenb Mon May 30 13:37:06 2016
Bailey, Jeff Positively influencing 2013 journal article une-20140326-110259 Incomplete jbaile28 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Fleming, Peter Proceedings of the 22nd International Grasslands Congress 2013 2013 conference publication une-20130612-121735 Incomplete hdawson Fri May 20 14:47:10 2016
Williams, Jacqueline Water Knowledge Systems 2016 book chapter une-20160317-103931 Incomplete mlangenb Mon May 30 14:20:11 2016
Martin, Paul Ecological restoration of rural landscapes: stewardship, governance and fairness 2016 journal article une-20160805-12408 Incomplete akirk Fri Aug 5 12:51:12 2016
Jackson, Debra Looking like a proper baby: nurses' experiences of caring for extremely premature infants 2015 journal article une-20150728-104730 Incomplete kgash Tue Nov 17 11:09:02 2015
Smith, Jan Teaching at a Distance 1995 conference publication une-20150723-18144 Incomplete nholmes5 Tue Nov 17 11:09:02 2015
Martin, Paul Policy Risk Assessment 2010 report une-20160808-141436 Incomplete akirk Fri Aug 19 10:18:35 2016
Lamb, Gabrielle Body identity development: definitions and discussions 2016 journal article une-20160809-134523 Incomplete glamb2 Tue Aug 9 14:16:28 2016
Fagan, Anthea Nursing Care of Clients with Vascular and Lymphatic Disorders 2013 book chapter une-20140225-142116 Incomplete afagan2 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Perera, Ruwandika Lakmali Jayalath Early adolescents' perceptions of school conditions impacting motivation and engagement in learning, in low socio-economic districts in Sri Lanka 2016 conference publication une-20160921-161010 Incomplete thathawa Wed Sep 21 16:16:37 2016
Page, Angela The alignment of innovative learning environments and inclusive education: how effective is the new learning environment in meeting the needs of special education learners? 2016 journal article une-20160912-110958 Incomplete apage31 Mon Sep 12 21:00:25 2016
Smart, Neil Preoperative Membranous Urethral Length Measurement and Continence Recovery Following Radical Prostatectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2016 journal article une-20160622-112426 Incomplete nsmart2 Wed Jun 22 11:30:41 2016
Martin, Paul Productive, biodiverse farming landscapes: Why is governance innovation essential? 2014 report une-20160317-114928 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:52:56 2016
Jackson, Debra Nursing research in the 21st century – who sets the agenda? 2015 journal article une-20150728-11210 Incomplete kgash Tue Nov 17 11:09:02 2015
Williams, Jacqueline Soils Governance in Australia: challenges of cooperative federalism 2015 journal article une-20160317-112626 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:29:26 2016
Martin, Paul Reconsidering the Effects of Complexity and Fragmentation on Resource Governance XXXX book chapter une-20160429-113459 Incomplete mlangenb Fri Apr 29 11:38:57 2016
Martin, Paul Next Generation Rural Landscape Governance for Australia 2015 book chapter une-20160317-104750 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 10:50:44 2016
Fagan, Anthea Simulated Cultural Competence: Innovative teaching strategies from a rural Australian university. 2012 conference publication une-20140225-142830 Incomplete afagan2 Wed Apr 27 08:41:48 2016
Freak, Annette The Research Basis for 'The Transformative Learning-to-Teach Heuristic' 2015 journal article une-20150522-090356 Incomplete afreak Tue Nov 17 11:09:02 2015
Forrest, Peter The Wonder of Consciousness: Understanding the Mind through Philosophical Reflection, by Harold Langsam. 2012 review une-20120930-195958 Incomplete pforrest Thu Jul 21 20:01:22 2016
Lingard, Kylie Legal Support for the Interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Commercial Development of New Native Plant Varieties: Current Status and Future Options 2015 journal article une-20160315-121258 Incomplete mlangenb Tue Mar 15 12:19:05 2016
Lingard, Kylie The Potential of Current Legal Structures to Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Interests in the Australian Bush Food Industry 2015 journal article une-20160315-12199 Incomplete mlangenb Tue Mar 15 13:12:51 2016
Freak, Annette A model of pre-service primary teacher education based on research findings of a continuum of generalist to semi-specialist teacher 2015 journal article une-20150522-091659 Incomplete afreak Fri Dec 4 13:55:52 2015
Charteris, Jennifer Discourse appropriation and category boundary work: casual teachers in the market 2015 journal article une-20160519-141238 Incomplete mjones46 Sat Jun 18 16:39:47 2016
Post, Mark A Script for the Galo Language 2007 report une-20160706-11298 Incomplete mpost2 Thu Jul 14 13:34:34 2016
Maklad, Yasser Yes, Australia is highly motivated to focus on domestic renewable micro electricity generation for Domestics Buildings - Economy Wise 2014 journal article une-20140518-091415 Incomplete ymaklad Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
MacDonell, Gail Depression, anxiety, and stress in partners of Australian combat veterans and military personnel: A comparison with Australian population norms 2016 working paper une-20160322-15550 Incomplete ethorste Tue Jul 19 18:06:33 2016
Maxwell, TW ? In V.A. Storey (Ed.) International Perspectives 2016 book chapter une-20160916-115928 Incomplete tmaxwell Fri Sep 16 12:10:21 2016
Fagan, Anthea Diagnosing 2012 book chapter une-20140225-141128 Incomplete afagan2 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Williams, Jacqueline Water Governance: A policy risk perspective 2013 book chapter une-20160317-110115 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:03:49 2016
Williams, Jacqueline Tamar Valley Farmers public good NRM contributions 2011-2012 2015 report une-20160317-114523 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:48:03 2016
Martin, Paul Asserting cultural interests through the law: issues and innovations in Indigenous Knowledge 2016 book chapter une-20160317-104154 Incomplete mlangenb Mon May 30 14:20:57 2016
Chan, Eveline Teaching reading through multimodal texts 2016 book chapter une-20150507-171617 Incomplete echan4 Thu Jul 21 17:56:29 2016
Williams, Jacqueline Natural Resource Governance In Australia 2015 journal article une-20160317-113114 Incomplete mlangenb Thu Mar 17 11:37:47 2016
Martin, Paul Preface 2016 book chapter une-20160920-111917 Incomplete akirk Tue Sep 20 11:23:17 2016
Subedi, D. B. Discontents and Resistance of Unverified Ex-combatants and Challenges to their Rehabilitation in Nepal 2014 journal article une-20150326-232854 Incomplete dsubedi2 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Jabri, Muayyad Rethinking East and West management cultures: A perspective based on Bakhtin 2008 conference publication une-20130619-154135 Incomplete mjabri Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Le Gal, Elodie Methodological Approach for Testing a Co-Regulatory Bio-Fuels Weeds Risk Management Model 2011 conference publication une-20120525-145528 Incomplete elegal Tue Nov 17 11:09:00 2015
Lingard, Kylie Strategies to Support the Interests of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Commercial Development of Gourmet Bush Food Products 2016 journal article une-20160315-131258 Incomplete mlangenb Tue Mar 15 13:15:42 2016
Ditton, Mary ACSPRI Conference 2014 2014 conference publication une-20141120-135218 Incomplete mditton3 Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Macken-Horarik, Mary Diagnosing development: A grammatics for tracking student progress in narrative composition 2016 journal article une-20160831-105448 Incomplete mmackenh Wed Aug 31 11:04:45 2016
Meyer, Karin A penalized likelihood approach to pooling estimates of covariance components from analyses by parts 2012 journal article une-20120910-123925 Incomplete kmeyer Wed Jul 20 09:34:26 2016
Perera, Ruwandika Lakmali Jayalath Principals and Teachers Perceptions about the Impact of School Conditions on Early Adolescents' Motivation and Engagement in Learning and Motivating Practices in Low Socio-Economic Districts in Sri Lanka 2016 conference publication une-20160921-155820 Incomplete thathawa Wed Sep 21 16:10:05 2016
Datta, Subhajit Factors Influencing Research Contributions and Researcher Interactions in Software Engineering: An Empirical Study 2013 conference publication une-20140107-16210 Incomplete asajeev Tue Nov 17 11:09:01 2015
Allan, Sonia Pre-conception, Conception and Birth 2014 book chapter une-20160620-182151 Incomplete mdesouza Mon Jun 20 19:30:40 2016
Tacon, Paul Picturing Change and Changing Pictures: Contact Period Rock Art of Australia 2012 book chapter une-20160926-141031 Submission received jross4 Mon Sep 26 14:27:44 2016
Ross, June Towards a chronology of engraved rock art from the Central Australian arid zone 2012 conference publication une-20160923-092842 Submission received jross4 Mon Sep 26 14:07:48 2016
Mugridge, Alan Learning and Faith: On Calling papyri 'school texts' and 'Christian' 2012 journal article une-20160923-122912 Submission received gbutler Fri Sep 23 12:32:24 2016
Nye, Adele Historical Thinking and Objects of Nostalgia 2016 journal article une-20160927-105341 Submission received anye Tue Sep 27 11:16:39 2016
Ross, June Rock Art: A Tangible Expression of the Dreaming 2014 book chapter une-20160923-094313 Submission received jross4 Fri Sep 23 09:53:40 2016
Letnic, Mike Could Direct Killing by Larger Dingoes Have Caused the Extinction of the Thylacine from Mainland Australia? 2012 journal article une-20160923-143556 Submission received mfillio2 Fri Sep 23 14:42:16 2016
Letnic, Mike The Arrival and Impacts of the Dingo 2015 book chapter une-20160923-14446 Submission received mfillio2 Fri Sep 23 14:57:45 2016
Wilson, Kirsty L Scope and limitations of a DMF bio-alternative within Sonogashira cross-coupling and Cacchi-type annulation 2016 journal article une-20160921-220642 Submission received bgreatre Wed Sep 21 22:11:58 2016
Bourke, Graeme Francis Triphylia 2016 entry in reference work une-20160913-16070 Submission received gbourke3 Tue Sep 13 16:12:32 2016
Fox, Michael Allen Home: A Very Short Introduction 2016 book une-20160927-103032 Submission received mfox3 Tue Sep 27 11:02:47 2016
Ross, June 'Ancient Mariners' in Northwest Kimberley Rock Art: An Analysis of Watercraft and Crew Depictions 2013 journal article une-20160926-145151 Submission received jross4 Mon Sep 26 15:03:21 2016
Desruelles, Stephane Evidence for early irrigation at Bat (Wadi Sharsah, northwestern Oman) before the advent of farming villages 2016 journal article une-20160921-125035 Submission received ccable Wed Sep 21 13:01:38 2016
Ihde, Erin The Cold War and Popular Culture 2016 journal article une-20160926-143422 Submission received eihde2 Mon Sep 26 14:48:23 2016
Bourke, Graeme Francis Olympic Truce (Ekecheiria) 2016 entry in reference work une-20160913-160158 Submission received gbourke3 Tue Sep 13 16:06:51 2016
Bleile, Beatrice Classifying Poincaré complexes via fundamental triples 2014 entry in reference work une-20160921-161653 Submission received bbleile Wed Sep 21 16:26:30 2016
Schutte, N. S. Comment on Developments in Trait Emotional Intelligence Research: A Broad Perspective on Trait Emotional Intelligence 2016 journal article une-20160923-100847 Submission received nschutte Fri Sep 23 10:10:55 2016
Agarwal, Nipun How to Outperform Emerging Market Indexes Using Passive Indexation 2016 journal article une-20160926-082316 Submission received sdoran4 Mon Sep 26 08:26:40 2016
Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria Pre-Service Teacher Training on Game-Enhanced Mathematics Teaching and Learning 2016 journal article une-20160919-143526 Submission received tprodrom Mon Sep 19 14:40:54 2016
Fillios, Melanie The effect of a top predator on kangaroo abundance in arid Australia and its implications for archaeological faunal assemblage 2010 journal article une-20160922-16105 Submission received mfillio2 Thu Sep 22 16:17:52 2016
Quinn, Frances Investigating Views of Science- and Humanities- Tertiary Educated Adults on Complementary and Alternative Medicines 2016 journal article une-20160923-10345 Submission received ntaylor6 Fri Sep 23 10:44:09 2016
Donald, Graham ‘RANGEWATCH’: An NDVI-light use efficiency based method of estimating forage in northern Australia. A case study in the Pilbara region of Western Australia 2016 conference publication une-20160915-094346 Submission received gdonald2 Thu Sep 15 09:57:22 2016
Reynolds, Pauline Forgotten women and material heritage 2012 conference publication une-20160825-155528 Submission received preynol3 Thu Aug 25 16:14:05 2016
Rothsey, Siobhan C. Corrigendum to: The response of the wash-zone amphipod, Urohaustorius sp. (Amphipoda: Talitridae), to light, gravity, slope, and magnetic fields (DOI:10.1163/1937240X-00002453) (Journal of Crustacean Biology 36: 485-494 (2016)) 2016 journal article une-20160918-13369 Submission received nandrew Sun Sep 18 13:40:21 2016
Mugridge, Alan Copying Early Christian Texts 2016 book une-20160810-121038 Submission received gbutler Fri Sep 23 09:06:02 2016
van Den Berg, Mariette Acceptance of novel food by horses: The influence of food cues and nutrient composition 2016 journal article une-20160921-09553 Submission received wbrown Wed Sep 21 10:35:15 2016
Scully, Richard Founding a Dynasty and an Art-Form: John Doyle (1797-1868) 2016 journal article une-20160926-11321 Submission received rscully Mon Sep 26 11:41:14 2016
Sims, Margaret Opinion: grandparents matter, and should be treated like they do. 2016 journal article une-20160927-123126 Submission received msims7 Tue Sep 27 12:38:33 2016
Budin, Stephanie 'Chrysis the Hiereia having placed a lighted torch near the garlands then fell asleep' (Thucydides iv.133.2): priestesses serving the gods and goddesses in Classical Greece 2016 book chapter une-20160921-181749 Submission received mdillon Wed Sep 21 18:34:32 2016
Reynolds, Pauline Tapa: De l'Asie du Sud-Est à la Polynesie Oriental - Tapa from South-East Asia to Polynesia:Conference proceedings at the Festival of Tapa, Tahiti Translation: Tapa from South-East Asia to Polynesia 2017 conference publication une-20160825-144216 Submission received preynol3 Thu Aug 25 15:54:58 2016
Martin, Paul Intra-national rivalries: A submerged aspect of trans-boundary water governance 2016 book chapter une-20160920-091946 Submission received akirk Tue Sep 20 09:53:15 2016
Martin, Paul Framework for assessing and improving law for sustainability 2016 book une-20160920-105555 Submission received akirk Tue Sep 20 11:03:51 2016
Williamson, Wayne Planning reform as a Catalyst to Advance E-Planning 2015 book chapter une-20160923-170410 Submission received pmcfarla Fri Sep 23 17:21:50 2016
Greatrex, Ben The Iridoid Myodesert-1-ene and Elemol/Eudesmol are found in Distinct Chemotypes of the Australian Aboriginal Medicinal Plant Eremophila dalyana (Scrophulariaceae) 2016 journal article une-20160921-215018 Submission received bgreatre Wed Sep 21 22:02:43 2016
Malouff, John M. Can psychological interventions increase optimism? A meta-analysis 2016 journal article une-20160918-165344 Submission received jmalouff Sun Sep 18 16:58:08 2016
Schutte, Nicola S. The Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Telomere Length: A Meta-analysis 2014 journal article une-20160923-101832 Submission received nschutte Fri Sep 23 10:21:27 2016
Reynolds, Pauline Pitcairn Tapa: unveiling the lives of the Bounty women 2015 conference publication une-20160825-15052 Submission received preynol3 Thu Aug 25 15:54:01 2016
Fillios, Melanie Investigating human and megafauna co-occurrence in Australian prehistory: mode and causality in fossil accumulations at Cuddie Springs 2010 journal article une-20160922-155641 Submission received mfillio2 Thu Sep 22 16:06:16 2016
Horsley, Greg One hundred years of the Loeb Classical Library 2011 journal article une-20160923-121631 Submission received gbutler Fri Sep 23 12:22:00 2016
Slack, Michael Aboriginal settlement during the LGM at Brockman, Pilbara region, Western Australia 2009 journal article une-20160922-154634 Submission received mfillio2 Thu Sep 22 15:55:01 2016
Subedi, DB Space for the Private Sector in Post-Conflict Economic Recovery in Nepal 2012 journal article une-20160926-204442 Submission received dsubedi2 Mon Sep 26 20:51:58 2016
Schutte, Nicola S. The relationship between positive psychological characteristics and longer telomeres 2016 journal article une-20160923-094548 Submission received nschutte Fri Sep 23 10:11:50 2016
Subedi, DB Mobilising insurgents: ideology, coercion and security in the Maoist insurgency in Nepal 2014 book chapter une-20160926-203141 Submission received dsubedi2 Mon Sep 26 20:44:00 2016
Gerber, Albrecht The Deissmann Ostraca after 75 years in Sydney 2011 journal article une-20160923-122216 Submission received gbutler Fri Sep 23 12:29:02 2016
Simpson, Brian Sexting, Digital Dissent and Narratives of Innocence – Controlling the Child’s Body 2015 book chapter une-20151111-230415 Library requesting material bsimpso3 Tue Feb 16 16:55:31 2016
McKenzie, Jordan Friendship and Happiness from a Sociological Perspective 2015 book chapter une-20160826-083753 Author feedback requested jmcken28 Wed Aug 31 08:58:47 2016
Wark, Stuart Informed consent in a vulnerable population group: supporting individuals aging with intellectual disability to participate in developing their own health and support programs 2016 journal article une-20160825-083137 In Press swark5 Tue Sep 20 10:06:23 2016
Dunstan, Debra Workplace managers' view of the role of co-workers in return-to-work 2016 journal article une-20160112-125550 In Press sphelps5 Tue Sep 20 12:10:17 2016
Adams, DC Geomorph: Software for geometric morphometric analyses. R package 2015 software une-20150724-083657 Submission received esherrat Wed Oct 14 11:32:51 2015
Al Lily, Abdulrahman E Academic domains as political battlegrounds 2016 journal article une-20160617-12116 In Press sgregor4 Wed Sep 21 09:43:21 2016
Sherab, Kezang Teacher understanding of the Educating for Gross National Happiness initiative 2016 book chapter une-20160916-114416 In Press tmaxwell Fri Sep 16 16:25:16 2016
Shabani, Farzin Variances in the projections, resulting from CLIMEX, Boosted Regression Trees and Random Forests techniques 2016 journal article une-20160901-112546 In Press lkumar Wed Sep 21 11:08:38 2016
Fudge, Thomas Quest of the Historical Hus 2016 journal article une-20160913-131020 In Press tfudge Wed Sep 21 12:48:45 2016
Dillon, Matthew Asklepios. His Healing Hands: Faith and Miracles 2017 book une-20150928-155617 In Press ldillon Thu Jun 2 15:54:11 2016
Anderson, John Environmental Finance 2015 book chapter une-20160122-11134 Library requesting material janders4 Thu Jan 28 11:47:50 2016
Fudge, Professor Living with Jan Hus:A Modern Journey Across a Medieval Landscape 2015 book une-20160913-114521 Submission received tfudge Tue Sep 13 14:22:04 2016
Lamsal, Pramod Tourism and wetland conservation 2016 journal article une-20160901-11120 Library processing lkumar Thu Sep 8 10:30:49 2016
Murphy, Gillian Adult children of parents with mental illness: navigating stigma 2015 journal article une-20160330-163845 In Press kgash Wed Sep 21 14:48:26 2016
Rose, Gus Breeding objectives for sheep should be customised depending on variation in pasture growth across years 2015 journal article une-20160502-102953 Library processing mabbott5 Mon Aug 29 15:30:55 2016
Cottle, David Do price premiums for wool characteristics vary for different end products, processing routes and fibre diameter categories ? 2016 journal article une-20150731-164232 In Press dcottle2 Wed Sep 21 14:51:04 2016
McDougall, Russell Indigenous Exotic: Cosmopolitan Dingoes and Brumbies 2015 book chapter une-20140718-124438 Submission received mabbott5 Thu Aug 25 08:44:05 2016
Sullivan, Terry Supporting families 2016 journal article une-20151209-115422 In Press tsulli23 Wed Sep 21 15:13:11 2016
Shabani, Farzin A comparison of absolute performance of different correlative and mechanistic species distribution models in an independent area 2016 journal article une-20160901-10457 Library processing lkumar Tue Sep 6 16:24:08 2016
Bourke, Graeme Francis Elis, war with Arcadia 2016 entry in reference work une-20160913-155431 Submission received gbourke3 Fri Sep 16 08:34:02 2016
Li, Li Evaluation of sire by environment interactions for growth rate and backfat depth using reaction norm models in pigs 2016 journal article une-20160617-155836 In Press kdobos Wed Jul 27 13:56:27 2016
Usher, Kim Burden of caring as a result of stakeholder decision-making on connecting care for individuals living with a mental health issue in Indonesia: A grounded theory study 2016 journal article une-20150324-115313 In Press rmccart7 Thu Sep 22 10:11:35 2016
Nguyen, Hien Thanh Impact of hydropower dam development on agriculturally based livelihoods of resettled communities 2016 journal article une-20160107-112755 In Press llobryde Mon Sep 26 08:42:39 2016
Reyes, Vicente Political Values in Asia, the ASEAN Political Security Community Confucius’ Philosophy 2015 book chapter une-20151203-011741 Library requesting material vreyes Fri Feb 5 10:39:57 2016
Usher, Kim An intensive care admission during pregnancy or in the postnatal period: An integrative review of the literature 2016 journal article une-20150324-120745 In Press rmccart7 Mon Sep 26 08:47:24 2016
Drew, Joseph No Aladdin's Cave in New South Wales? 2016 journal article une-20150422-08327 In Press sdoran4 Mon Sep 26 08:49:28 2016
Morales, L Emilio Branding fresh food: Who is willing to pay more for beef? 2016 journal article une-20160406-130053 In Press sdoran4 Mon Sep 26 09:27:02 2016
Power, Tamara REM 2016 journal article une-20160330-162030 In Press kgash Mon Sep 26 09:45:38 2016
Forrest, Peter Purpose in the Universe 2016 review une-20160523-220136 In Press pforrest Thu Sep 22 12:26:29 2016
Renz, Katrin A Loop Isothermal Amplification Assay to Detect Fowl Adenovirus -8 in a Variety of Poultry Materials 2015 conference publication une-20160427-12488 Library processing mabbott5 Wed Sep 7 14:08:12 2016
Dillon, Matthew P "Festive crowds welcome the god with the piping of the flute, competing with the courageous strength of their limbs." Pindar Nemean Ode 5.37-39 2016 book chapter une-20140227-11353 In Press ldillon Fri Nov 6 11:40:17 2015
Reynolds, Pauline Pitcairn Tapa: 'Ahu no Hitiaurevareva 2008 book une-20160825-161422 Library requesting material preynol3 Thu Aug 25 16:38:41 2016
Matthews, Joshua The impact of word recognition from speech (WRS) proficiency level on interaction, task success and word learning 2016 journal article une-20160427-085952 In Press jmatth28 Mon Sep 26 11:39:39 2016
Usher, Kim Health professionals' role in connecting care for individuals living with a mental health issue in Indonesia: A grounded theory study 2016 journal article une-20150324-11597 In Press rmccart7 Mon Sep 26 15:19:30 2016
Li, Huifang The positioning of L2 thesis writers: Stance and engagement strategies 2014 conference publication une-20160411-131237 Author feedback requested hli24 Tue Apr 12 09:41:48 2016
Hobson, Peter A.S.Neill (1883-1973) 2016 book chapter une-20160719-111639 Library requesting material phobson Fri Aug 5 10:32:10 2016
Kennedy, John The school science attitude survey: a new instrument for measuring attitudes towards school science 2016 journal article une-20160526-104243 In Press ntaylor6 Wed Jul 27 15:25:45 2016
Usher, Kim Psychological Insulin Resistance Amongst Torres Strait Islanders with Type 2 Diabetes 2016 journal article une-20150324-105245 In Press rmccart7 Wed Jul 27 15:28:02 2016
Clarke, Michael Bridging the gap: the effect of gender normativity on differences in empathy and emotional intelligence 2016 journal article une-20160601-124249 In Press alykins Wed Jul 27 15:28:56 2016
Usher, Kim Mental Health Worker Roles Post-Disaster 2014 journal article une-20150324-131143 Library requesting material rmccart7 Mon Oct 12 14:12:42 2015
Maxwell, Thomas W Australian EdDs: At a crossroad? 2016 book chapter une-20160427-14350 Author feedback requested tmaxwell Tue Jul 19 10:25:10 2016
Bourke, Graeme Francis Elis 2016 entry in reference work une-20160913-152235 Author feedback requested gbourke3 Thu Sep 15 10:21:56 2016
Mwendia, S.W. Assessment of Napier Grass Accessions in Lowland and Highland Tropical Environments in East Africa: Productivity and Forage Quality 2016 journal article une-20160909-113025 In Press rmortim3 Mon Sep 12 12:00:28 2016
Ghimire, Safal Making security sector reform organic 2016 journal article une-20160328-101538 In Press bghimire Wed Jul 27 15:51:10 2016
McKenzie, Jordan Happiness Vs Contentment? A Case for a Sociology of the Good Life 2016 journal article une-20160826-08497 In Press jmcken28 Mon Sep 5 16:47:33 2016
Edwards, S Observing and assessing young children's digital play in the early years: Using the Digital Play Framework 2016 journal article une-20160202-143824 In Press jbird21 Wed Jul 27 15:52:27 2016
Charteris, Jennifer Uncovering 'unwelcome truths' through student voice: Teacher inquiry into agency and student assessment literacy 2016 journal article une-20160909-060924 In Press jcharte5 Mon Sep 12 11:51:41 2016
Hobson, Peter Aristotle (384-322 BCE) 2016 book chapter une-20160719-104956 Library requesting material phobson Fri Aug 5 10:26:44 2016
Jones, Charlotte The Future is Now: Reducing Psychological Distance to Increase Public Engagement with Climate Change 2016 journal article une-20160310-121920 In Press dhine Wed Jul 27 15:53:50 2016
Katmon, Nooraisah Exploring the Role of Internal Corporate Governance on the Relation Between Disclosure Quality and Earnings Management in the UK Listed Companies 2016 journal article une-20150723-114357 In Press sdoran4 Mon Aug 1 09:56:16 2016
Dillon, Matthew P Divination in Archaic and Classical Greece. Prophecy for the Future, Guidance for the Present, Knowledge of the Past 2016 book une-20150928-153314 In Press ldillon Thu Jun 2 15:53:27 2016
Seden, Kinley Gender and education in Bhutan 2016 book chapter une-20160916-11382 In Press tmaxwell Fri Sep 16 16:25:54 2016
Dillon, Matthew P Greek Warfare and the Gods 2017 book une-20150928-184810 In Press ldillon Mon Jul 11 10:33:24 2016
Fong, Mele The Mediating Role of Self-compassion in Student Psychological Health 2016 journal article une-20160617-134318 In Press nloi2 Mon Aug 1 09:58:49 2016
Boughton, Robert Popular education and mass adult literacy campaigns. Beyond the ‘new literacy studies’ 2016 book chapter une-20160125-123646 Library requesting material rboughto Tue Feb 16 16:54:42 2016
Capon, Samantha J Vegetation resilience to mega-drought along a typical floodplain gradient of the southern Murray-Darling Basin, Australia 2016 journal article une-20160620-130521 In Press mreid24 Mon Aug 1 10:01:27 2016
Shah, Mahsood Open access enabling courses: Risking academic standards or meeting equity aspirations 2016 journal article une-20160822-18343 In Press rwhannel Thu Aug 25 12:52:37 2016
Brasche, Inga Aspiration, motivation and notions of "success" in Aboriginal students at boarding school 2016 journal article une-20160615-131016 In Press ibrasche Mon Aug 1 10:22:01 2016
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Zissi, Anastasia Μεγαλώνοντας παιδί/ά στο φάσμα του αυτισμού: Η ταξική διάσταση Translation: Raising a child on the autism spectrum: The social class dimension 2016 journal article une-20160317-161426 In Press smavropo Tue May 17 16:56:45 2016
Smart, Neil Effect of exercise training on liver function in adults who are overweight or exhibit fatty liver disease 2016 journal article une-20160621-225218 In Press gdieberg Mon Aug 1 11:34:22 2016
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Wu, Cuncun 普通人、當代題材與慾望:黃方胤‹陌花軒雜劇›中的蕩婦形象與晚明戲曲中的現代曙光 Translation: Ordinary People, Contemporary Themes, and Desires: Images of Wanton Women and Glimpses of Modernity in Huang Fangyin's Short Plays from the Studio of Wayside Flowers 2013 journal article une-20140910-115126 Author feedback requested agreenh4 Tue Nov 25 17:16:06 2014
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Schneider, Cindy Talking around the texts: Literacy in a multilingual Papua New Guinean community 2016 journal article une-20160811-161119 Submission received cschnei3 Thu Aug 11 16:21:38 2016
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Wark, Stuart The main signs of ageing in people with intellectual disability 2016 journal article une-20160421-085155 In Press swark5 Mon Sep 19 09:55:04 2016
Denman, Brian Globalisation and the Imagined 'Global Thinker' 2016 book chapter une-20160222-142130 Library requesting material bdenman Fri Mar 11 08:30:16 2016
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Shabani, Farzin Effects of climate change on economic feasibility of future date palm production: An integrated assessment in Iran 2016 journal article une-20160901-111458 Submission received lkumar Mon Sep 12 14:33:31 2016
Denman, Brian Metaphorical Trajectories of Comparative and International Education Research in the Asia-Pacific 2015 book chapter une-20150331-16353 Author feedback requested bdenman Mon Feb 22 15:03:42 2016
Hopwood, Bronwyn Lex Oppia 2016 entry in reference work une-20160704-140932 Submission received bhopwood Thu Jul 7 09:42:02 2016
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Boyle, Christopher Supporting Students with Visual Perceptual Difficulties in Schools: Avoidance or Ignorance? 2015 conference publication une-20150501-141624 Author feedback requested cboyle7 Fri Nov 27 10:30:49 2015
Fudge, Thomas Living with Jan Hus: A Modern Journey Across a Medieval Landscape 2015 book une-20160118-092431 Submission received tfudge Thu Jan 28 12:46:43 2016
Malouff, John M Bias in grading 2016 journal article une-20160828-141844 In Press jmalouff Mon Sep 19 11:34:23 2016
Reynolds, Pauline Tapa Cloths and Beaters 2016 journal article une-20160824-161124 Author feedback requested preynol3 Mon Sep 19 11:48:14 2016
Cook, M Predicting blood flow responses to rhythmic handgrip exercise from one second isometric contractions 2016 journal article une-20160627-140942 In Press nsmart2 Mon Sep 19 11:59:36 2016
Masson, Sophie Trinity: The False prince 2015 book une-20151204-11302 Submission received smasson2 Mon Dec 7 11:43:50 2015
Baxter, Carol Writing Interesting Family Histories 2016 book une-20160828-130144 Library requesting material drobert9 Mon Aug 29 13:48:45 2016
Reid, Michael Sedimentation in dryland river waterholes 2016 journal article une-20160620-131241 In Press mreid24 Mon Sep 19 12:03:37 2016
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Fudge, Thomas Jan Hus between Time and Eternity: Reconsidering a Medieval Heretic 2016 book une-20160913-113827 Submission received tfudge Tue Sep 13 14:21:49 2016
Alias, Maizam Understanding Current Situations: Facilitating Inclusive Education Implementation 2016 journal article une-20130521-141439 Library requesting material iharring Mon Sep 12 15:48:31 2016
Charteris, Jennifer Structural marginalisation, othering and casual relief teacher subjectivities 2016 journal article une-20151201-173115 In Press jcharte5 Mon Sep 19 12:15:32 2016
Gooskens, Charlotte Is Swedish more beautiful than Danish? 2016 book chapter une-20160823-102314 Author feedback requested drossidu Mon Sep 5 09:38:07 2016
Mitchell, Rebecca Balancing Cognitive DIversity and mutual understanding in multidisciplinary teams 2016 journal article une-20160327-110039 In Press vparker3 Mon Sep 19 12:17:41 2016
Dillon, Matthew Why was the festival of the Athenian Haloa celebrated? 2016 book chapter une-20150928-183851 In Press ldillon Fri Nov 6 11:44:08 2015
Colferai Boton, Eliani LMS Integration in Higher Degree Programs 2015 conference publication une-20160617-154528 Author feedback requested sgregor4 Mon Jun 20 09:59:38 2016
Sims, Margaret Quality play in a Cyber village 2015 book chapter une-20150504-12315 Library requesting material msims7 Wed Oct 14 12:31:36 2015
Van Rooy, Wilhelmina Sabina Multimodal Representations in Senior Biology Assessments 2016 journal article une-20160217-165651 In Press echan4 Mon Sep 19 12:19:13 2016
Schneider, Cindy Approaching micro-level planning from an intelligibility perspective 2016 journal article une-20160811-155926 In Press cschnei3 Tue Sep 20 11:39:31 2016
Flatt, Jeffrey Naturopathic and Western Herbal Medicine Practitioners' Perception of Proposed Changes to Regulatory Status in New Zealand 2013 journal article une-20131106-141634 Submission received jflatt2 Thu Oct 22 12:56:54 2015
Maple, Myfanwy The Role of Social Work in Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention 2016 journal article une-20160902-092913 In Press tpearc20 Tue Sep 20 11:43:13 2016
Malcolm, Bill Antipodean agricultural and resource economics at 60: farm management 2016 journal article une-20160810-135219 In Press vwright5 Tue Sep 20 12:33:24 2016
Grave, Peter Differentiating Khmer Stoneware Production 2016 journal article une-20151224-090052 In Press pgrave Tue Sep 20 12:36:45 2016
Charteris, Jennifer 'Snapchat', youth subjectivities and sexuality 2016 journal article une-20160527-12348 In Press jcharte5 Tue Sep 20 12:38:26 2016
Hosseini , Seyed Abbas BOND REDUCTION EFFECTS DUE TO REINFORCEMENT CORROSION IN BENDING STRENGTH OF REINFORCED CONCRETE 2016 journal article une-20160722-143628 In Press smahini Tue Sep 20 12:41:33 2016
Aljazzaf, Zainab M Trust-based Service-Oriented Architecture 2016 journal article une-20160618-072352 In Press mperry21 Tue Sep 20 12:43:55 2016
Peters, Kath Helpful and unhelpful responses after suicide 2016 journal article une-20160427-161818 In Press kgash Tue Sep 20 12:54:50 2016
Vlaardingerbroek, Barend Linking the experiential, affective and cognitive domains in biology education 2016 journal article une-20160526-120033 In Press ntaylor6 Tue Sep 20 12:56:24 2016
Schindlbeck, J C The Miocene Galapagos ash layer record of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site Legs 334 and 344 2015 journal article une-20150804-083443 Library requesting material abaxter9 Mon Oct 19 15:16:15 2015
Parker, Vicki Communicating in a e-health environment 2015 book chapter une-20160327-111858 Submission received vparker3 Thu Apr 21 15:33:19 2016
Anuruang, Sakuntala Strategies to enhance recruitment of rural-dwelling older people into community-based trials 2015 journal article une-20160331-172317 Author feedback requested kgash Wed Jun 1 14:18:42 2016
Charteris, Jennifer Discourse appropriation and category boundary work 2016 journal article une-20151130-152351 In Press jcharte5 Thu Sep 22 12:09:49 2016
Meyer, Karin Simple Penalties on Maximum-Likelihood Estimates of Genetic Parameters to Reduce Sampling Variation 2015 journal article une-20160414-13420 Record complete kdobos Wed Sep 21 14:39:03 2016
Debus, S J S Parental time-budgets, breeding behaviour and affinities of the Red Goshawk 'Erythrotriorchis radiatus' 2015 journal article une-20160308-161855 Record complete sdebus Thu Apr 28 10:21:06 2016
Barnes, Cameron The construct validity of the h-index 2016 journal article une-20160915-093613 Record complete cbarnes Mon Sep 26 15:13:33 2016
Stockton, Kieran Synthesis of enantiopure cyclopropyl esters from (-)-levoglucosenone 2016 journal article une-20160901-141452 Record complete bgreatre Mon Sep 26 16:27:00 2016
Baylis, T Some vocalisations of the Grey Falcon 'Falco hypoleucos' 2015 journal article une-20160308-161014 Record complete sdebus Thu Apr 28 10:21:18 2016
Debus, S J S Assessment of band recoveries for three Australian eagle species 2015 journal article une-20160308-16017 Record complete sdebus Thu Apr 28 10:21:31 2016
Sparkes, Jessica Social, conservation and economic implications of rabies in Australia 2016 journal article une-20141011-20364 In Press wbrown Mon Sep 26 09:26:17 2016
Ebejer, Jane Variation in Latent Classes of Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by Sex and Environmental Adversity 2016 journal article une-20140311-101421 In Press jporte28 Mon Sep 26 09:26:06 2016
Smart, Neil Exercise Training in Heart Failure Patients with Preserved Ejection Fraction: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 2016 journal article une-20160622-11362 In Press nsmart2 Mon Sep 26 15:39:42 2016

Non-Traditional Research (NTRO)

1st Author Title Year Output Type ID Status Submitted By Last Modified
Hale, Elizabeth Test 2014 original creative works - visual art work une_ntro-20141014-14582 Incomplete ehale Tue Nov 17 11:11:25 2015
Thorn, Benjamin Imagining Space 2015 original creative works - visual art work une_ntro-20160809-130737 Submission received cegan Tue Aug 9 13:21:58 2016
Branagan, Marty Global Warning Art Exhibition 2015 curated or produced substantial public exhibitions and events - exhibition/event une_ntro-20160823-14005 Submission received gbutler Tue Aug 23 14:19:28 2016
Thorn, Benjamin Out of the Frame 2015 original creative works - other une_ntro-20160809-125648 Submission received cegan Tue Aug 9 13:07:29 2016
Reid, Nicholas J Screen Printing 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-135711 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:14:03 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Verandah Gossip 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-105242 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:24:54 2015
Reid, Nicholas J My Funny Story 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-124835 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:29:04 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Croc at the Shop 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-143048 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:14:56 2015
Reid, Nicholas J When we were kids 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-121713 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:58:20 2015
Reid, Nicholas J My leadership role 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-120033 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:55:41 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Henry's Snakebite: Documentary film in the language Ngen'giwumirri recorded at Nauiyu, NT, Australia on 10/05/2013 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-110230 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:25:36 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Shooting Crocs with Dad 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-123327 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:31:00 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Playing Chicken 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-144713 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:18:57 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Croc Attack 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-110458 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:26:14 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Life in the Dormitory 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-102632 Submission received sphelps5 Wed Feb 11 09:45:38 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Message to the next generation 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-115512 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:54:24 2015
Reid, Nicholas J The Case of the Artificial Leg 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-115211 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:27:33 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Caught by the Cops 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-144330 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:16:25 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Growing up at Mango Farm 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-123023 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 16:00:30 2015
Reid, Nicholas J My Current Life 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-12424 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:30:24 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Talking Ngan'gi 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-12225 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:59:48 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Escape from Fannie Bay Jail 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-124621 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:29:43 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Six Women vs One Buffalo 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-120853 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:57:05 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Idle chat 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-115811 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:55:03 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Croc on the Airstrip 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-143643 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:15:43 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Teasing expressions with Ngan'gi Wilewile 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-125323 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:28:20 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Ridgedale's Photo 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-104057 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:22:32 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Nauiyu Today 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-121940 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:59:06 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Punishment 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-114840 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:26:51 2015
Sims, Margaret Family Matters editorial 2014 original creative works - other une_ntro-20150410-123143 Library processing cegan Tue Aug 11 14:52:27 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Trip to Ngukurr 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141007-121411 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:57:44 2015
Reid, Nicholas J Ngan'gi Wilewile 2013 recorded/rendered creative works - audio/visual recording une_ntro-20141003-145019 Submission received sphelps5 Sat Feb 7 15:20:07 2015

HDR Theses

Author Title Year Degree ID Last Modified
Almagheeb, Ali Components of Teamwork that Influence the Successful Implementation of a Total Quality Management Program in a Saudi Arabian Healthcare Setting 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20151117-103840 Wed Jun 15 10:56:46 2016
Bradhurst, Richard Alan Modelling the Spatiotemporal Spread and Control of Viral Disease in Livestock Using a Hybrid Equation-Based and Agent-Based Approach 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20150610-134321 Wed Jun 15 12:01:50 2016
Kodama, Takeshi Popular Song of the Meiji Era 2010 Master of Arts with Honours une_thesis-20100422-084526 Tue Feb 18 16:28:00 2014
Weerasinghe, Shalanee Use of Genetic Polymorphisms to Assess the Genetic Structure and Breed Composition of Crossbred Animals 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20150615-105047 Wed Jun 15 11:58:43 2016
Thapa, Rajesh Floodplain Vegetation Productivity Response to Wetting and Drying: Testing the Adaptive Cycle Model 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20150702-155849 Tue Apr 26 14:30:14 2016
Matasi, Martin Walela The African Court of Justice and Human Rights: Towards an Effective Institution for Human Rights Protection in Africa 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20150522-144411 Mon May 9 10:19:30 2016
Bui, Quang Farmers' Adaptive Responses to Climate Change: Evidence from the Small-Scale Rubber Sector in Southeast Vietnam 2015 Doctor of Philosophy une_thesis-20151130-160449 Tue Sep 13 07:39:44 2016
Starkey, Colin Quantification of the Biological Factors that Determine Lamb Tenderness 2015 Master of Rural Science une_thesis-20150909-093218 Mon May 9 10:01:40 2016
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