Copyright ownership

The copyright owner, usually the publisher or the author of a work, retains copyright ownership rights under copyright law.

UNE has a non-exclusive right to store and use content deposited in e-publications@UNE under the following UNE Policy documents:

Managing your copyright: Information for UNE authors

UNE Policy requires UNE authors to submit their refereed research articles and conference papers to e-publications@UNE with a view to these being openly accessible, but this is dependent on publisher policy and agreements you may have entered into.

Some publishers allow a version to be made available as immediate open access; others apply embargoes or other restrictions. Please include the publishing agreement as part of your e-publications@UNE submission as it can assist the e-publications@UNE Team to ensure that we comply with the conditions of the agreement.

When entering into an agreement with a publisher it is wise not give away rights unnecessarily.

Publishing agreements are negotiable. Publishers require only your permission to publish an article, not a wholesale transfer of copyright. Hold onto rights to make use of the work in ways that serve your needs and that promote education and research activities

Source: SPARC. Author rights: using the SPARC author addendum to secure your rights as the author of a journal article. Washington, DC: SPARC, 2006.

Refer to Open Access to UNE Research Outputs for further information.

If the copyright is owned by a publisher, the e-publications@UNE Team may seek permission to include a version in e-publications@UNE as open access on your behalf.

Publisher policies on copyright can be checked using the Sherpa/Romeo list.

Research outputs which cannot be openly accessible will be listed in e-publications@UNE, with information about the research, such as a citation and abstract, providing a description of the material and alternative availability.

Please Contact us if you need help to retain rights in your research output.

Copyright information for users

You may copy whole papers for your personal non-commercial use, subject to copyright laws of the country in which you reside, providing the material is properly attributed. If the material is required for any other purpose, you should contact the author or publisher directly as requests of this nature are not processed through e-publications@UNE.

Referencing material from e-publications@UNE

If the version of the paper you accessed was an author's version within the repository, you should make this clear when you are referencing the material. For example:

Author/s. Year. Article title, Journal title. volume, issue, pages. [Author version]. Accessed on [Date] [Direct link to the record within the repository].

Do you think your copyright has been infringed?

If you believe copyright work that is available on this site constitutes copyright infringement or a breach of agreed licence or contract please let us know. Authors are advised to contact the e-publications@UNE Team in the first instance. Publishers should use the Copyright Takedown Notice Form. This form is designed for you to provide sufficient information for our investigation and response.

Help with copyright

Contact us if you require assistance with e-publications@UNE.

Last Updated: 11 September 2014